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One great Pan African leader, Kwame Nkrumah, once said: 

“It is in our hands to join our strength, taking sustenance from our diversity, honoring our rich and varied traditions and culture but acting together for the protection and benefit of us all”.

The All African Arts & Cultural Festival (AACUFSA) is a cultural Collaboration and Celebration of heritage, culture, music, art, dance, fashion and food. Established in July 2013. It aims to bring our diverse cultures together in a non formal way promoting cultural exchange, peace and reconciliation and thus foster goodwill between all of Africa.

AACUF South Africa believes that every African community can make an important contribution to a Multicultural South Africa through its rich diverse cultural heritage.

AACUFSA is an initiative of Mckevin Ayaba Dormithienne. He is from Cameroon in Central Africa. With the love he has for this beautiful continent, and having witnessed the xenophobic attacks on his fellow African brothers and sisters in South Africa, he thought of something that could unite Non Africans living in South Africa inclusive of South Africans and make Africa not to mention South Africa, a better place to be.

What better way to spearhead this process if it’s not through African music, cultural dance, and our stories in the form of poetry and food in an event called All African Arts & Cultural Festival –“Bringing all Africans together through cultural diversity” AACUFSA will be attended by hundreds of visitors, invitees and guests of honors from within Africa and Africans in the Diaspora.


To illustrate the historical interaction of all Africa’s nations in the history of our continent while showcasing the potential for the dynamic and harmonious coexistence of all African cultures into the future while presenting AACUFSA (All African Arts & Cultural Festival South Africa) as a symbol for spearheading the reconciliation and healing processes.

To come together as an integrated society that is free of xenophobia and all other kinds of discrimination;

To promote and consolidate a Pan African culture for African residents of whatever nationality, to work together and build a common voice on issues, and a shared feeling of belonging to Africa.


Each year we expect the festival to grow in color, and capture attendance, participation, entertainment, enthusiasm, public knowledge and international recognition. The theme for this year is “Bringing All Africans Together through Cultural Diversity“.

The All African Arts and Cultural Festival-South Africa, AACUF-SA as it will popularly be known, will be the most anticipated social gathering of not only Africans but people from other places and cultures. People from the Diaspora will look forward to this festival each year. This social event will also serve as a gateway for cultural awareness of other people in South Africa and the world at large. All are invited and encouraged to come to Johannesburg during this time so we can show off our rich cultural diversity.

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